Well~ Hello.

Welcome to my first post here. Thanks to a friend’s introduction to Medium, now I am foundling my new frame for my journeys, exploring the inner& outer worlds I carry. Hopefully you will join me on this adventure, even there’s no guarantee to a fixed, and persistent category for the contents I may produce. Writing shuffles of random monologue to subjects that occupy my mind and heart, pushing out of the boundaries of traditional rules; a freestyler I keep as an intellectual personas I enjoy. The silhouette who is between conversations and private thoughts, tracing the outlines of smoke, evaporated fragrances left behind by the last major.

If you have read me before, hey, thank you for following me here, it’s a real boost for the morale, since I write really abstract thoughts in obscure compositions. Intentionally or not, I am not even going to try and be normal. You have enough of those, and my quiet rebellions won’t add much productivity to that parade. English is not my first language, but it’s my first love in language. The intimacy I have with English is beyond formality, and I have confidence that it loves me the way I love it. We have our own secret codewords when we exchange in fondness for those tricky expressions that are rare, bittersweet, and ephemeral.

I am keeping this one short, as it’s late, and the unknowns of the slumber and tomorrow shall knock on my marrow soon, I will tell you more once I have gathered myself in this new frame, this vibe that’s slight and zen. Will I bring the chaos that I was born with, and swirl it all the way to the unpredictability, and excitement of discovering some feeling new everyday? Or will I fizzle in my absent-mindedness and snooze after a few mumble jumbles? Curiously, I don’t want to know, preferring the mystery to grow in anticipation than to dim, with the overanalytical traits that I cannot seem to escape.

Welcome aboard, I hope you find yourself well, as I find mine.



When the wind blows ~ Soar.

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