The reason I am repelled by religion, is the same reason I am repelled by love, as too righteousness. The ego embedding to those sought after commodities that have the same biological appeal to us as how those same old coronavirus can be generically revamped into new products that will be injected into the mass as cure by the players power capping biotech infrastructures that will attempt the keeping of spirits in petri dishes by manipulating public ignorance to the varieties and fashions of how our deaths may come.

Somehow a much advertised risk is still more appealing than the low budget organic gamble called simply living a healthy life. We hammer each other to crosses in Jesus’s name summoning the end of days in such articulate ways that we are trancing as the hellfire and burin the stubbles away on our metaphysical god-chins. Not sure if we were the pigs or the huffing wolf… interchange roles as the threat, the saviour, and the narrators ourselves. No wonder all the good humble souls were terrified by the symphonies that seem to take over the unrueing minds of all those we once thought we knew, under one of their very own kind of trance themselves.

Once you accepted a loveless, Godless injustice that only scientific mega structures can solve… we worship something else, betraying our own truths that will later come with price tags that we must dig into our own fearful shells and pay with our biometric pearls. Watch this new empirical drive that will accumulate our biophysical properties and give us back artificial digits lighter than the concepts of god& gold, chain us to a kind of nuclear fusion that delights the carefree and frighten the cautious.

When the reversed sales of tempting you with something you already have work like a charm, the system will have to get even better at the inductions of dissonances, with deeper layers of self-deceptive hypnosis. To bring our minds back, from under the ice of Antarctica is not a quirky flick of our logical fingers as if all these long instilled sinking sleeps are some fat submarines that can be casually sling off as flies.

The thinking and depicting of events are like waking from a dream into another dream, we trace the root of problems in a daze rummaging all kinds of clues fell out of each other’s pockets, hiding them somewhere open enough to snap us out of the next dream. Each time we consciously plan our next wake we believed we were coherent enough to mark the landscape too obvious to miss. We repeat this process over and over in the most dubious fashion, we even understandable became easily lost to the memes of our own temporary markings in illusion. Chasing after the escapees of our crusades, emptied their stomachs with God’s messages bleeding all over our hands.

The conviction of our thoughts and emotions give the examining of situations and probabilities we assess textures and dimensions with our dreaming selves that are conscious enough to mind as observing stance even the simulating playwrights of our subconscious was convoluted as the dream itself. We vaguely know there’re plasticity to how we relate as the awareness that interprets and evolves as the dream unfold, but we don’t know exactly when and how will we wake to the landmarks we left to trigger ourselves, since we sleep more than observe.

It’s tricky if we follow maps to wake in expeditions, we often confirm and repeat that was already subjected as another’s perception, how we see and conceive an object in lucidity can very drastically to differentiations of our own metaphorical taste buds, as we accept the indoctrinations that teach us to see how things were previously defined, and get the rewards for giving answers on demand… even our dream selves became circus monkeys that will entertain for treats. The skilled monkey self will even indoctrinate the other monkeys in the dreams to dream correctly, for it knows there’re bananas waiting in left pocket of the unknown feeder. The wild animal became prisoner of a predictable patterns to supplies of contorted pleasure and demise cultivating the freedom out of comprehension, into mental reluctance of wondering too far from comfort. All this can happen within a jungle, with any walls, or cages.

If the monkey shall suddenly wake to it’s tiger urges, it might decided to kill a few fellow monkeys to establish it’s territory and new identity on the same sphere, or it simply stray to the deeper space in the jungle, away from the now alienated herd. wild or tame… the emotive reasoning we use patching absences of new desires from subjective reactivities are almost always biblical, if we forget we’re dreaming, and the jungle is deep, or that we can be anything that symbolises as a metaphor in the dream to wake us from the conductive theme as bodies minding and deciphering the next dream. Since we stopped navigating the rules and boundaries of our waking imaginations shaped by the replays of artificial feeders.

The conscious observations and cues jammed into our subliminal propagations and grow seeds planed into mental spheres closely linked to our dream selves as if these were our own aspirations. Our ability to wonder around the jungle can be replaced with new uniforms for our dream selves playing toy soldiers against imagined selves never waking from the dreaming itself with our eyes wide open… to an extend that sleep no longer release us from the temporary spheres we gather information with, but the only escape from preprogramed dreaming to an ongoing terror repeated to keep our spirits bind, in affixations to identities that are more mechanical than fluid, as our initiative states.

To smash the power of the spells installed in our cognitive coherences, we have to exercise the plasticity of our zooming focus as a minder of our own computing system that is most likely tracked and traced by the vessels that play roles of regulation, be it a curious dream monkey, a venomous viper, a lone tiger, we cannot afford to give up the free flowing state of our consciousness if we understand how valuable it is in the grand schemes of mastery. To use all the prompts to send ourselves into deep sleeps in one artificial dreams will not solve potential damages from another artificial dream, if our minds confused embedded cues as intuitions and wondered into artificial landscape that mimics and build to likeness of the original jungle branching out of our own imaginations, we will have to eliminate excessive wonderings into a maze where one cannot obtain attentive conductivity.

Once our own minds are activated, for the artificial replicas hold no authority to mental bodies that were designed as scouts in blueprints that reset distortions, from simple buffing of one’s energetic signature as the high commander, recognising the texture of falsity in flimsy and fragile. The navigating aspects of our imagination will gradually become more skilled in feeling, tasting, and digesting the informative fields around our immediate fields, when we set our mental scans to be in between the predictive and intuitive cognitions, without feeding on the free handouts of bananas. To do something of one’s own volition, and to do something out of a need for desirable results shape different mindsets that will either endure with stronger branches, or explode under pressure. Inter-nationally speaking, anchoring as the genesis of origin, the dual, or quadruple cores, wherever the focus is and circumstance are, simplified understandings benefit all more than specified specialties if the connectivity for the sonic boom is around the corner to be leveraged with coherences of our own able coconuts, dreaming away as the jungle.



When the wind blows ~ Soar.

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