pt.2 — 2 May 2021

Can I suggest that nwo thing- it doesn’t deserve Capitals, as this modern witchcraft of capitals consist of two to three initials can automatically turn businesses into authoritative organisations is just plan stupid if we don’t want to examine where did our polite agreeableness towards narcissistic institutions came from. It is like a toxic family member or friend, or better, you ex who made it clear it’s either their unreasonable way, or highway. You know it’s none of your business how they operate themselves in gathering momentum, or people’s agreements; but it’s definitely your business if they repeatedly try to control or degrade you if you don’t play ball. The tv- educated societies have already learned to accept toxic gossip shit as part of glamour, and you will find yourself in strange disposition that stating truths is being negative, or a conspiracist; but talk shit behind someone you say you love is heart to heart communication… yeah. That’s the kind of witchcrafts that corrupt nations and they don’t even know they are doing it to themselves.

The way the system appears to be is our collective facade, and it’s bad, it’s really bad. Especially if have all unconscious complicit folks shrug, declare submission irresponsibly, and carried on walking their own families into preprogrammed traps. It takes a certain dedication to be ignorant when you know things don’t add up, so you will get angry at those who bring up those uncomfortable subjects that spoils your peaceful afternoon. You will tell them they’re overreacting and believe too much junk on social media as you proceed to turn the news back on, and change the subject to something you feel less intrusive to the world you knew. Sometimes this can work for a long while, and it’s highly encouraged. Why would those who pull strings about global finances want everyone to be watchful about their unholy scandals stealing pensions from those who’re too weak to fight for their own puny lives? Don’t you understand there’re far too much global population right now?? How dare you question the legitimacy of those death certificates highly commissioned doctors sign? Their badge of honour came with blood sweat tears of keeping their practicing licence for goodness sakes.

I can’t decide which is worse, having all the do gooders loving those selfish brats unconditionally just because they carried a seemingly reputable position that appears to tie sums of impressive fortunes to their name, or that eventually you will be the dumbest kid in the block if you don’t learn to lie, cheat, and steal as part of the initiation process to get somewhere synchronised as success. Look at all these willing mass who will give you everything you want if you just sweet talk them into slumberland. Power, money, sex, control of their minds, and even their kids for your preferences of how they should be educated. Is it cynicism you say? Well look at those sausages in ruling places, what do you think? Perhaps we have all been programmed to be bitches for life. The most significant thing we’re supposed to achieve is which villain we tag ourselves with… how depressing is that eh? Why do we give ourselves crumbs when the titles have always been manmade illusions of one’s true essence& worth. How many more children those pathological thinking has to damage in bringing out permeating worthlessness so the chosen few can get to have all the abundance and attention they don’t need just to please those who have accepted the nothingness in themselves. It’s a really odd trade off when you really think about it.

Now you have groups of peeps who have everything they could possibly want for their whole life yet the compulsions of chasing the next big deal, big project became lifelong addictions that cannot scratch the invisible emptiness that seem to chase them forever. What have we done is we have helped to create the corporate mindsets that know inherently who they really are is never valued, and the only way they can repeat and affirm their worth is by accumulating as much digits as possible, every shape and form. Because who they really are don’t matter, people will always agree and favour those who have a title or two, an impressive sum to call themselves worthwhile; and the insignificant true self that is feeling fragile and uncertain always feel the intimidation of bullies, and suspicious of those who employed themselves to agree with everything they say, as they speculate if their true self is why and what made these people smile at them everyday, or is it what they think they can offer. When people confirm the later often enough, those who made it up there grew disenchantment, cynical dehumanising mentalities that get confirmation daily by blind submissions from those who’re easily claimed by superficial deeds. Predictors do what predators do because people keep victimise themselves out of whatever reason.. right? Have a more resilient mass can only make those who currently strive materially aim higher. Because true ethic, and visions are now on demand. The world is getting to know who they really are, what their spirits are made of, if they have took the challenges to level up with actions beyond lazy days built by comforts of deceiving mass dissonance.

The idea that we ourselves have no effect in the world is the biggest lie. Who is here right now unfolding the events? Who is witnessing the self experiencing this life? The very fact we are here is miraculous, unless the external oppressions compressed this curious conception of all experiences, we’ve seen what it did to people when people are possessed by the external lures of what and how we must appear to the world to be loved, to the extend we’ve made it essential to push children to destroy the innocence they were born with just to fit into their communities. We glorify cowards and thief’s and bully those who want nothing but to be left alone, what better ways we can archive a complete defeat of our authentic gentle selves by buying into dictatorship with our genetic and biological selves? Sign energetic contracts with the matrix that loves only your artificial self, your nonexistent self, your invisible worth now belongs to the crew that got use to your complete cooperation to even bother tell you the truth, because they assumed permission for you. Where will you be, when you no longer own your existence and experiences?

I am not a fussy thinker but I still managed to gather the attitudes of a thinking snob, the same attitudes people use in materially weighing up one another is often how I use my mind weighing up if I should proceed the communication further, ironically this is also how I can identify this terrible mentality and it’s instinct to push its way through the 4th dimension trying to get what I want to understand. Intellectual facades are like spiritual facades, we can say we comprehend some theoretical underpinnings of something but to say we know the truth is a lie that looks good but useless in the long run if we understand the true nature of human developments. We are not suppose to stop at where we think there’s an invisible hierarchy where we can look down. The vast universe and our ever growing expansions ensure us a deep certainty that we don’t need to use any name to justify our passion for wondering on. And even if I am an arsehole now, there will be a time being an arsehole will give wisdom to those who wonder why others are rude to them, so nothing is truly lost if at least we can be as plainly progressing as we can consciously be. The thinking that we should hang those who’re doing evil right now is titillating to our medieval, barbaric selves… but perhaps if we all get a lifetime playing out the villainous shadows in ourselves and pay the price for them, we become wholeheartedly wholesome because we understood the cost, and suffering of our own worst capacities. Good people who loves to control and punish others aren’t who we think we are if you ken what I mean, yet to deny such primal instincts of violence in ourselves also disengage us from finding gold nuggets in the dark reflecting our hearts. To access unity, everyone has to get in with elbow grease, and gather some scrubbing power instead of waiting on the cleaners who’re too pissed off to turn up. Maybe it’s superstition, but I think we always surprise ourselves no matter how well known the few fuckers got being their worst selves. We just have to stop advertising their trajectories into our own reality as if it’s done deals carrying the psychological hexes with our own mind, body and soul. They cannot touch your reality if you keep them paper thin, crunchy old newspaper pages that yellowed by sun. Nostalgically poetic when you know it’s history



When the wind blows ~ Soar.

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