Pandora’s paradox

Meiwei Lin
10 min readApr 25, 2021

I wonder how the 1% feels, when the world have all eyes on them, watching their plans exposed. Does it trigger some modesty, or even respect, to a population that was considered as products, or pests. This lifelong anxiety that comes with loneliness of being special, as elites of society, with the wealth, status, and power that are not of one’s own spiritual conviction must brought on tremendous unease, for it’s not who they are that were loved, and worshiped, but what material significances they have. It’s not their characters and personalities that charmed the mass, but the manufactured persona that gives the name it’s place to aa game of snakes& ladders. Do they ever wonder about these things, or just like ordinary people, they’re trying to figure it all out, been born into complex circumstances?

The misplaced priority of value we placed on money, fame, success as a society made us easily seduced by facades, and manipulated by gratifications of becoming one of those who were photographed, and filmed a lot in magazines. Believing Believing that’s what the world wants us all be, since our parents always talked about money as if itself an adequate equivalence to successes. Can we blame ourselves for how we’ve shaped the world we see today? Have heart, tomorrow can be another story, and that’s not just a wishful thinking, however we resist changes, we cannot deny our own progression.

When you have accepted disempowerment all your life, you either become suspiciously cynical of hidden motives behind the eyes of anyone who look your way; or you delude yourself to love those loveless creatures who have simply used you to get what they want without any consideration to your divine individuality. Can that only happen to people who are poor, and insignificant? No. People are used all the time in different contexts, in multitudes and ways beyond the grasps of those who’re involved in the bartering of the mysterious energetic components. If we are lucky to still feel, we might be able to trace the tangle webs of intents& thoughts and find true crimes of our dis-eases.

Majority of us don’t know, and cannot afford to understand our own pathology, the hurdle of living itself can be traumatising enough to even stop, never mind to muster companionate inner dialogues to sooth the self from the way our world shred our childhood visions into long lists of receipts and never ending bills that find us wherever we go. We can imagine just how disenchanted our children will be when they find out we are the system that disconnect Eden& fairy kingdoms from them, the illuminati that are founded by those we pointed fingers to yet fused with the unconscious energy that repeat senseless patterns we adapted. We have all encountered a point in life, where the contentment of innocence and sacredness were stolen by those who brought absent selves, enslaved by cruel intentions. You know it’s the hell that live in them, but burned nevertheless… cannot undo all that has been created, one way or another, we fill in the empty places where powers were stolen, venture afar from sanctuaries we may forget one day.

The passages we take are each an unique image of perfect imperfection, all of us are wounded by our idealisms, chased after deceptive glories, lusted after attributes that enhance merely biological reproduction, heading forever towards a destination conjured by the next hip ritual. Popularised by the media, minds plug into the hive, and our bodies sway in replications to the illuminations that amuse our desires to be loved, and worshiped. All the made-believe characters we spent our youth study& mimic in fascination blend into our physiologies, starting in mannerism, posture, and fashion. Looking for a loveable self, we learn to create a preferable self, even if our adults deny their responsibility in having anything to do with the making of our defeated self-esteem, we know, there’s a self that is wanted, and there’s a self, to keep in the closets.

If anyone truly loves themselves after the first quarter of our lives striving to survive whatever our parents endured and normalised, one is true blue rarity of the cosmopolitan society with much credits to the parents, since there is no sure methods in bringing our children up right providing many corners of traditional tribal cultures were left to ruins, as everyone ran after the Coke-cola magic train and dream with the illuminated. The combination of recreating a loved identity with gaslighting shadows we keep in our pockets, tethering this now Pandora’s box like closets, we learn to be competitive even with our own facades. I vouch for this banality witnessing myself choosing a photo I can use as temporary access to conceive digital matrix of the manufactured social platforms, the instinct to appeal to a narcissistic need and being received kindly seem to be inseparable these days.

To say the minds of mankind is kind and loving is a lie; yet developing ways in disjointedly reconstructing an identity we can call self as we figure slowly what the world wants us to be, we become those minds, we become those men& women who will judge, and shun any possible reason we find. The inner criticism may be inflicted upon oneself first, but it’s the echoes from the environments all around the presence of being itself. The nagging collective pull& tag us to become part of it’s “harmonious” tapestry, even if we the wild thorny bushes of blackberry itself, we have to try and be strawberries when we’re required. The unspoken rules we were trained to subliminally recognise, and we will feel the oppression to comply, even to our own detriment. The lost of an authentic self is a luxurious term for those who have been found. What happens to all those yet to be found?

If this is the experiences of a casually constructed ego from a rather ragged existence, imagine what happens to those who live in limelight of watchful eyes. Can they afford to have a wild untamed self if everywhere they turn is to be met with surveillances of competitive egos. Can we find an understanding of what’s idealised norm for few, maybe outrageous to most, who suffer the privileges. The class definition itself is flawed, just as the BLM movement is a self imposed prejudice, even if the rage is valid by bygones. The unconscious processes in holding onto ancestral wounds gives the hostility that jump from depths of our compressed shadows and occupying our focus a reason, and meaning. In this mode we may revert the abuses under guises of a chosen movement. Can the constructed superiority itself a simply victimised youth, deprived of his/her own wanderings, away from the bitching mass that never remembered their own mistakes?

More or less, we learn the right words, to grape the hidden meanings in the right quotes, but the inadequacies of learning is unfortunately built on consolidations scattered with remains of our personal mistakes. There’s nothing quite like a personalised mistake, we cannot learn to feel what others feel, but we grind our teeth, and grip our fists, and washed by our own tears if we own those mistakes, if never again was admitted by our physiological understanding of what harmed us. The tricky thing these days, is what harms us are coming at us from the enthral realms, the projects of corporate agendas built of disconnected calibrations of specific brilliances that cannot see itself from head to toe without a effective mirroring of what the invisible workings of all those unseen mechanisms brewing behind events that are so logical, yet blind in consciousness.

How do we protect our unaware selves from the unaware selves and events rolling beyond anyone’s control when we are so scientifically driven by data that can be effortlessly produced by our creative logic, yet dysfunctional emotions? The antenna in feeling what’s behind words and deeds cannot be constructed in technocracy, but it can be erased from our human ability, if we have always been trained to believe what we need to believe in order to get a pass for marks, approvals, applauses, rewards, honours, degrees, positions, promotions, recognitions and all the juicy carrots dangled right in front of us when we narrow in on the achievements we ought to acquire for success, so we can be “someone”. As much as we like to judge all day, we have not got enough lives in one of us to experience all contrasts that life made itself miraculous, and our fanaticism in being special made us all behave very much alike; predictable in our programming combating one another for the conflicts we internalised as self. Everyone in our lives spoke against our beliefs now represent as an enemy that will pay for obscure vengeances we don’t even personally own, as cultured animalism we bundle in herds of hatred, envy, and despises that is equally transformative in love, empowerment, and compassion.

The merging of strawberries and blackberries, the ideal self and our Pandora’s boxes is not always a fun process, providing we have time for ourselves in reflectivity; and completely diabolical, when the whole world do it together. Perhaps we have came to the cream of all the hurdles, in shaking our own systems to the core, making the beautiful forms of delightful pureness to appear again. Comprehending the challenges of a home for troubled children, expecting all the unloved, wounded bundles of vulnerabilities to collect themselves when they were abandoned all their lives by circumstances beyond anyone’s capacity to understand… is an unreasonable demand. Tears, fight, threats, and torments are all parts of our growing processes. Lets hope we have responsible adults waiting by the entrances to maturity; as we have too many examples and scars, from those who look and took the authoritative parts, but a plank of unfeeling nail-board that hit us across our metaphysical heads. We don’t suffer fools lightly, and we shouldn’t.

In bearings of our own compositions, we meet ourselves, not in the images the illuminations projected us to be; not in our idealised associations to the divine; not the clear-cut, uncluttered, pristine and sterilised selves we logicalised ourselves as the leads of institutions, but as the hypocritical, confused, vulnerable, arrogant, boisterous, and hysterical selves whilst striving to grow, with the unpredict abilities we cannot control. We’re not cut to be specific products to be harvested by the world so the values of money can grow from our children’s bone marrows, to have considered it to be acceptable was the real disease, and genetic deformity that needs a loving cure. Why we cannot address, or see it for what it becomes our own inadequacies, or private vindictiveness that we possibly enjoy, compensating discomforts of growing responsibility for the world we synchronise; no one can else can manage the meanings for the unfathomable self. Maybe we will grow to like the unknown, and nurture the darkness we find in ourselves. We always have each other to blame, for the inconveniences of hearing, and seeing alternative perspectives. There’s no adequate rule that can be imposed on freedom of thoughts, and beings right? So we best not kid ourselves in our totalitarian moments… to think we can diminish alternate versions of thinking because we believe we are right, was what started all these shenanigan hooligans of control.

The best we can perceive the technological advances that are shaping our societies and cultures under guises of pandemic, without going into the impossibilities of stopping things cannot be stopped, we can at best implement and advocate better concepts, far on awareness in applications of intentional progressions which many highly functional collectives are gathering as momentums that we can remodel our visions from previous frustrations, providing we had enough of chaos. My sympathy with the idea that we could have think alike burst after the uniform intolerances embodied from the left& right hemispheres of contradictions we can all observe in developments of ideologies. We will not think the same, and we shouldn’t want to be. Will we stop discriminating one another whilst becoming so easily offended? Probably not, but at least we know where we are contributing as the system.

Can we take the technological imitations of higher embodiments of intelligence and morph it’s limitations into components of unity conductivity? If we are going to be synched into a artificial collective, we might as well make it into an artform, as disasters have almost became the second nature of human advances historically speaking. We have no valid tools in understanding if what’s technically implemented into certain collectives of the society can be advanced formats for like minds within these collectives which call for their journeys on a level that cannot be understood. There’re technically driven journeys, and there’re country bumpkins hitchhiking into the galaxies. How to have a good communication with all the differences, and fill in the naïve public on the way ( it’s hard to convince those who still live in preferable securities of thinking construct, and we cannot invalidate anyone’s need to be secure in one’s own beliefs. We are in telepathic age in a technical sense, how far we are into biopathic age? I don’t know, we could already be in it and being unaware. Will it make a difference if we know it or not? Yes, it will help us to navigate how we should conduct ourselves in the most unpredictable manner. SiFi was a nostalgic term to what may come back in the days; with all boundaries crossing and merging without adequate understandings of the bigger picture, being cautiously curious is not petty at all, if we don’t know where the accidental blackholes may be, walking around the matrix now unoccupied by any adequate authority.

The good and bad always fluctuate in ourselves, we shouldn’t kid ourselves with holistic divisions installed by religious thinking which enabled all the Pandora programmes that are best described as hospitalities to malevolent forces; if we want a quick access to our interconnecting psyche with the mass collective, we have to be as real as we can to ourselves. To discriminate bio synthesis from organic synthesis is the first stage, then intergrade the two as evolving synthesis if we happen to occupy the stronger frequency in our energetic component, step back to protect ourselves from unnecessary drain of our focus is not to be underestimated, the lower aspects do not refrain from playing dirty, so how to come out of the muddy pond like a Lotus is somewhat the symbology we have to use here. Comforts are, whatever created without the tender heart of a divine breath, never amount much deviance except irritating nuisances if we refuse to emphasis the initial energies, and dedicate ourselves to all progressive blooms of the timeless sustenance that will replace the conflicts, and hopefully stand as the monuments in time, and space.