I wouldn’t assume we all know how to human, since it take us about half a lifetime figuring out how to feel about feeling exacerbated by how we feel. Why did it take so long for us to be educated about emotions? Clearly it was not on the curriculum as substantiating subjects that can greatly enhance our life standards. The amount of times I caught myself being destructive without a clear understanding to how the traumatic experiences operate my behaviour when I was young tells me that it’s a luxury for someone to grow up to be a decent, harmonious thing. How strange this was overlooked, while model citizen was the next thing after paying tax in every governing? the how& why we can be happy seemed to a fetched fantasies these days while we clone ourselves after the most broadcasted images of successful human… nobody checked if these scenarios were even real.

The older I get, the more I see the priceless things are actually free. I can’t get over how lost we were trained to be, seeking everything outside ourselves. Our love for the material world would be a holistic exchange of our services being a harmless thing to this little patch of eternity we’ve occupied on earth, being somewhat a hydrated, condensed energy being here. The amount of glory emphasised on the history of imagined things slow us down to a place where creativities are cremated to burn up illusions of accomplishments. We worshiped the styles, status and representations of what we are, but neglect the nothingness we all are behind the thoughts, identities, and possessions we use to anchor ourselves.

I can’t get over how much of a star-war theme the past 2 years have become… although I had previously wondered where was our blade running moments past 2019, not sure if I was ready when it all kicked off. The nostalgic part of me feel sad, for how all the beauties we use to experience may be gone forever, like the photo albums we no longer hold, and turn the pages to feel the texture of our memories. The futuristic dream, how ready were we really? How can we even comprehend what to think about the change when we don’t even notice impacts of the changes happening to us all? Maybe this has had always happened to the aged minds that grew to observe layers of life, I just never knew I am I supposed to think or feel, and should I even? There’s a part of me that is always curious about what is about happen to me. For better, or worse… I want to see all the things I love live on, so every little angel that has kept the cosmic eyes opened can sustain on the nectar from the magic of infinity itself whilst we all get equal chances to be little tyrants, make mistakes to learn about what we ought to become, and even if we’re likely hopeless caught in the collective storms of junk-imaginations… we can at least appreciate all the breathless beauty mother earth cradle our sights and fill our minds with.

The relation we have with the matrix we build is a conductive fusions interactively entwined with such complex strands of past present future that makes the entitlements and demands we learned to adapt as mentalities tangle and strangle as a system that combust in times of crisis. Maybe we don’t understand the emotion-techs as much as we could have; considering how advance we’ve forged militant forces for the vulnerabilities we never needed to defend if only we have decided to do nothing, but protect the most precious and innocent of ourselves. The reasons that we don’t, the excuses that we can’t all added up to the unseeing and unfeeling human we become generations after generations. We keep complaining about the same things we choose to neglect and crucify a convenient martyr now and again to symbolise some sort of reckoning in ourselves whilst carrying every divisive ways forward as the new revolution. Eventually we can see it as clearly as an apple split in half, it’s the seeds in the middle that will grow into countless abundances that requires very little abundance if we become so at east with the abundance that mother always gives. Whoever wants to keep the symbolism of wealth, let them, when the exhilaration of communion is everywhere else beyond them, maybe they will feel a little lonely, and want to join.

The fact we have to branch from the last of where our previous generations left off, shows us the stages of each evolution is individual, our expectations to be unified soldiers marching the commands from one playbook have manifested this grand schemes of creating/becoming high performance machines with biotechnologies. All these years we spent our days indulging matrix soaps and high fashion, sent our children to be modelled after dead scientists, philosophers, thinkers, recant their famous last words to get the marks… can we really blame this all to be a evil scheme of some dark lords when the petals open slowly accordingly before each wing of time drops and the seed buds form into some substantial forces of fertility? Maybe the obstructions are exactly what we all needed to muster some supernatural forces that we can all use for some practical house cleaning. Since our faiths were contorted to place faith in the faithless, as the faithless reduce their forces to be weak willed and predatory, the only mathematic eventuality is the self- destruction that looks and sound like the end of the world. Unless the old ego-beliefs decided to take a new leap of faith and rebirth as the brand-new entity that merges with possibilities and bend time. Can that be somewhat a miracle?

The happening of miracles we no longer see everyday is heart-breaking, our inability to access the alchemical energies we’ve been gifted with for some unconscious fear passed onto present days from BBQ great great great grandmo/fathers, it will be sad if the fearlessness can be turned off and we no longer understand the injustice that will be punishments to the children because we keep forgetting just how complete and whole we were as eternal spirits… seems such a shame. Because we’ve been given so much, so unconditionally by life itself, would it really justify the approval seeking ego if we keep appeasing some dying glories of degenerated systems built in cannibalistic hierarchies obstructing waves of replenishing forces for all epic dis-eases from ancient fears? How do you cure centuries old fears imbedded into zombified consciousness without understanding the causes, complications of decadences we grew to embrace yet activated further disharmonious inventions?

It’s lovely that we can all wave our fists and swards around in our kitchens at some threatening invaders… but if hunger is the cause of madness, perhaps it’s easier to share our food than conducting genocides? Maybe is a really strong intimidating indication of an alternative choice here that we never seem to think we should care? Maybe if the corruptions of our world is caused by heartlessness and inability to feel, the only way we can really grind a change is sharing the true values that can induce a deep sense of belonging that can heal all kinds of emptiness; give all that triggers the lesser demons in ourselves to our imaginary masters? Let them. Or, perhaps it’s time for us demonstrate what kind of beasts we really are, accessing the depth of our shadows and assemble a nuclear force to put those fragile, trembling, egoic immaturities to their VIP carriages with a final, sensible growl… never to be ruled again over some ephemeral gains that are just so petty for anyone to be proud of as an achievement. Make our own medicines, recycle our own goods, and bring hobo back into fashion. Money is such a stupid thing… perhaps one day women won’t even fuck with those who have too much, but no ethics. Well, that, should fix things overnight.. I am just waiting for all our ladies to wake from the matrix-induced poor self-images and be goddesses they were all born to be. It has been such a nightmare… and hopefully we get to the fun bits where the magic is to turn churches into shelters for homeless, and parliaments into local cafes everyone can vote for new creative projects daily. Maybe the days of godhood is as simple as accepting abundance as they really are instead of worshiping scarcity and appearances of wealth as some strange fashion.

Disillusions are considered to be undesirable experiences… yet even if we perfected our skills to love the cosmetic skills of patching up a beautiful reality, the feelings we want to hide from the world will eat its way into the presences we wear through the invisible causes that make us feel compelled to be something more. When the part of ourselves that has been taught to mine a constant cultivation to who the world wants us to be meets who we truly are and like the simplicity, we no longer have the taste buds for the excessive. The inner dimensions have always been part of our awareness before it was burdened with the outside prompts and commands; now they want the children to be neuralgically hooked up to sustain the system. When the paternal forces have been tripped to be aware of the extinctions to all that was beautiful about being human, the depth, the vitalities of infinite realms in colourful, rich progressiveness returns with fierce speed. Maybe we have finally became immune to all the frivolous disasters we accidently consented to… we even turn ourselves into authorities that know better than the last, to never waste an once of precious imagination to aid any corruption. Maybe is an anchor here that is boarding the ship… when we commit to become the verbs.


When the wind blows ~ Soar.

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