28 Apl 2021

It would be great that we dedicate such zest in disclosing our own power, that exposing the corruption in our teachers was practically redundant. The witchy energy of our unconscious is bloodthirsty and unforgiving to mistakes in others, in hope that we don’t have to face our own, perhaps. The black magic and stagnation of accumulated negative energy that doesn’t seem to seek transformation eventually gets vacuumed by the supposedly opposition since it did not amount to much else except strengthening opposite worldviews.

When alliance were built fast on common hatred, the allegiance can turn into war just as fast, if the fundamental structures of our thinking is focused on distinct separations of our righteousness and superior morality. If our desire to extinguish all that we perceive aa evil has a good reason, we can almost justify the enemy’s mindset… without contemplating the hatred we simulate with our signature under other’s name. it’s a real mind twist as our victim status give us a comfortable position in never becoming better in management of wholesome and good, since we’ve dedicated all our forces as prosecutors to all unresolved injustices.

A whole school, a whole organisation, a whole town, or a whole new nation could have been created, if we weren’t so offended by made-up rules we didn’t have to follow. We rant and bark at those who’re placed in their special capacity to ignore us, and ignore and neglect those who’re doing quiet works tirelessly, whilst pecking around like chickens demanding right answers from the wrong people. New jobs will be created with same policies by those with same world views. Supermarkets will be advocates by pro or anti masks. Where are our in-betweeners? Where are practices and healers that are accommodating sensitive protesters against draconian measures? Let the words out to where we re-home our hearts when our world is ready to build beyond the parasitical controls of the few.

These “evil” cabals or whatever we call them aren’t fooling around all day complaining about our over-population as we can see, they took lifetimes to indoctrinate beliefs, rituals, institutions, armies in cultivating skills of mass coordination, build on shared beliefs we’ve all held dear. Money, power, recognition, beauty, and lust, the list goes on. To think we can simply shout disagreements and put them back into the bottles… is possible, providing we stop worshipping what the Jins manifest. Are we able to rig up our own winning flags depend on if we’re disciplined enough to gather as truces of unity. Not intellectual unity, but heartfelt united energy that hold our own visions as dear as those who simulate matrix.

Maybe in a strange way, the uncanny organisation ability in those who we perceived as evil adapted gifts that came with curses that were opposite to our own? Could it be some human are incapable of comprehending what’s not their stars, because the feelings don’t glow in the dark for their internal canvases… how can we make others feel love when they’re of a loveless decent? Can we make right of our wrong demanding for the impossible so our goodness would appeal to God? Or will we simply tumble our time away in contrasts of day, night, day& night again? I am curious in the progresses we make besides disagreeing everything we loved yesterday as young predictors playing by rules to games of construct. What kind of construct we are, and what system we embody as we chant take the system down, or we just twiddle our thumbs and grow beards long enough to watch the system throw few new actors out, hoping to shut another 50 years up.

The ingredients of a world we wanted is on demand, but we need more participants who aren’t giving all their attentiveness to the whole old world order storyline leaking the fresh battery from the vision board. The trip up is where we disclose so much the disclosure itself is a predictive programming that keep us enslaved to the ideal there’s a power so enormous that we cannot escape whilst the truth was, we are walking away from it everyday, when we connected, being present as key grids taking conducive responsibilities for major things to shift with time. If we say we believe in the wholesome power of Christ, will we rehearse mentioning of the devil with shivers, and contrast the fear in our hearts with mild suspicion that God may save us? That always bugged me about the religious practices that mentioned devils, demons, and evils in such vigilance, the name of God became bandage worthy, or plaster worthy to all the fears and terror let into the innocent hearts. We dream of 101 ways we may be kidnapped by evil as the evidence of faith in our love for God?

Why are we so good at being fearful never seem to be as valid as now facing everything and everyone that could go wrong at a blink of eyes. But we noticed something tremendously obvious… the fact we don’t really give a toss about petty people, petty systems, petty rules are now backed up with yearlong evidences of why not. Why not challenge everything we believe in and everything we believe others should believe in and why not. If at the end of days all we have was our own spirit to burn time with, the kind of spirit we are will have everything to do with the enjoyment of being judged. They say you cannot give what you don’t have. Those who trade their lives away… may have to live the end of their awareness wiping stinky jin arses for the prospers made base on human suffering. Those who had a lifetime poverty may have a spiritual palace so intricate and lavish in artful details that when the frequencies of new realm became so steady, they will be sharing home with millions


When the wind blows ~ Soar.

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