Meiwei Lin
6 min readMay 5, 2021


2 May 2021

I suppose what troubles me is the emotional momentum of our trauma been badly done by a system that does not feel. The rational, or even evil, agendas were carried out in a matter of fact sort of way… completely absorbed, somehow we became the ones that actually carried out the missions for those we detest as if we’re on suicide missions. Of course this can be done by extremely sophisticated programming, we have never had a better case study for mind-control than the past 13 months, and I don’t doubt it has been carried out on a massive scale, over every single device we use to plug in. I feel these prophecies should have made us proud in been able to foresee& and witness whilst we’re still alive; yet the monogamous faith people devoted to the outdated characters that needed serious work in reproduction, selling bad scripts through all of impositions and incompetence, there seems to be a strange security in the way mass feeds their tomorrow even if it destroy their own nests.

This “selflessness”, if I can flower it that much… puzzles a lot of those who can see the flexibility of all our fluid constructs when minds are agile. All you need to do is stop giving them pizza& donuts; take the masks of our poor kids and actually behave like people who trust science with discerning common senses. But. No. I really don’t know what to do with those who’s minds are still latched on by the parasites. The only comfort is I was probably far more paralysed by my “the world is the oyster” trigger phrases when I was in my late 20s. As programmed as everyone, knowing it, yet didn’t know which bit of my functioning was detrimental for that which I deeply desire. We cannot know where are we thinking wrong if we have spent our lives giving pre-destined “right answers” to get a pass on all subjects.

This is why we are not bringing Hitler back, with the vaxxine passports and automatic self suffocations. In an unconscious manner it’s creating a culture where anyone shall decide to slit their own wrists could be regarded as the next eco hero that is helping the planet by reducing global population. This blind mechanistic, sadistic followings of absent bodies. One digit at a time, the world population goal will be achieved with disappearing flues; the bleak pictures are now honey coated virtue signals; hatred can now be safely disguised in dark twisted charities of you pretending to care about someone you don’t know, by snitching on someone else who’s only trying find meaning in life. Red army completely severed China and it’s dragonish golden histories in such tremendous scale. The little ideas we have on how much blood, and sorrow passed between those pressed, polite, and modest smiles under tyranny. The histories that bleed away generations with powerful slogans, perfect propagandas to incite ruthlessness from animalistic human instincts.

If they can do it without ample media back in the 40s, you think they can’t do it better with each of us plugged in multiple gateways to matrix? You’re to be refurbished in mind, body and spirits by the super elixir where it’s terrible effects are pixilated for community standards; and you owe yourselves good faith in the biotechnological advances of becoming abundant, robust, cooperating physical herds to be mined with advances that quietly link human autonomies to future energy suppliers that sell in cryptic languages between insiders. The romantic educations, and love for drama turn us all into fancy dressers and attention whores when we get approvals mimicking the celebrities; but did we consider the detrimental aftermaths of those silent sufferings t hearts of our terrified, and confused children and youth? It’s perfect to the system that never cared for us, the more traumatised, the easier controlled is the mass. The fact our children will grow up and look forward to prepare for our funerals so they can get more oxygen and food stamps may be just the perfect comeback for our own stupid compliances.

I am sorry. Am I being negative, and depressing? I do have a knack in imagine the worse case scenarios, but if you know how terror reshape innocent minds and haunt them to the days the die, you will be just as analytical and watchful for the psychopaths you know exist in the world, occupying some schedules to legally turn your children into fashion goods for the rich. These kind of things can only be stopped if you open your eyes and look clearly, massage your minds and think in clarity. The good in people is in yours and my ability to see things for what it is, before too late. I don’t possess much empathy for able adults who choose to lead themselves to challenges that perhaps can build them some characters, as that’s part of life, especially they have this amazing capacity to ignore the facts they’ve been lied to. What saddens me is all the terrible sorrows the children have to endure if systemic evil is ignored and glorified in proportionally that another generation grows up to be far more brain-washed than we are.

There are too many fabulous things we can get up to if we just stop tiptoeing around the few well fed sausages from the parliaments growing audacities and grubby hands to reach towards our little perfect human beings. What is the value in declaring submission when you didn’t even get a gun pointed to your head? Too soft, too compliant is not a bad thing unless something big is going down, and your babies are counting on your ability to make sense on the right decisions to make. The great news is artificial people are practically paper thin, you just grab them and crinkle them up in your fist and whisper: Fuck off! Take your draconian blood feast somewhere else, we are too busy living here.

Alternatively, maybe spiritually some are quite ready to go with the inhuman societies, be lab rats and minions, experience what options you don’t have when your bodies share the same autonomy with lab rats. Maybe you can step forwards and claim your badges of honour, before you drag your whole lineage into hell when anyone who’s been through the culture revolution in China, or Jewish holocaust in Germany would trade your choices and ability to think right now. We will take your volunteering spirit respectfully and we will make sure you’re remembered as who you currently are, someone with this wild courage who can trust those who never showed a record of attentiveness to your personal wellbeing. A lot of people risked been called crazy in attempts to stop you from getting burned by hellfire, but if you insist… Please. Leave others to their own decisions. You know demons travel through our slightest deviances, a vaxxine passport for example, if understood in coherence, is a terrible state of humanity that no sound mind should want, unless destruction is what the possessed souls crave to experience. Free will for you, free will for me. There’re many levels of hell though, if you ask me.

Having optimism do not clash with knowing& accepting the darkness of human capacity is beyond understanding. It feeds our desire to protect, and construct what can be fair. The black and white, inverted thinking that we seem easily fall unconscious to have us all swinging back and forth from all areas of thinking that have their own unique importance to address. Preparing, and preventing for what bad situation may occur being complicit with totalitarian state does not equal that all things& people to do with advanced technology and system are all corrupt; that little extra cautiousness bring attentiveness to processes that eventually will be developed into a miracle system when everyone take pride in participation. All it takes is our own keen commitment to take everything apart and put them back together again on our belief system, the metaphysical truths of our reality to be updated with realistic versions that do not deny us our direct connection with our true capacities, so we won’t be lost souls when we pass aimlessly and become nuisances as trapped energy. It’s time we do what we meant to do, a wealthy, secure, and fulfilled life can be embodied into our spirit presences when we exercise our will and creation instead of saying yes to things we don’t try to understand, or believe lies affirmed by hands on bibles. The weak spirits are always those who need to intimidate, harm, blackmail, manipulate, and force others to do and be exactly how they wanted, we cannot leave those spoiled brats to our decedents… we need to take them with us, learn and teach each other better ways to live, and evolve. The mysteries and beauty of our universes are too beautiful for any of us to miss. Your body, your heart, your soul, magical vehicles that belongs to you, and the mother of all creations. Not for experiments or sales.